Vouch Product Round-Up: March
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Vouch Product Round-Up: March Edition

Gary Zurnamer

March 29, 2023



This month, we’re excited to introduce some great new features that will help you find what you need faster, give you more flexibility for recordings, and provide you with new opportunities to connect with our community. Let’s dive in! 

Find What You Need Faster

Our powerful AI-driven search algorithm scans everything in your video library, from questions to transcripts, for keywords and phrases in 26 languages. It intelligently identifies results which are similar to the original query, so if you’re searching for the word ‘happy’, for example, it’ll also identify results which include the words ‘glad, ‘contentful’, ‘cheerful’, etc. to give you the full picture.

With Global Search, you can find the video you're looking for in seconds.

Unlimited Takes: Record with Flexibility

Vouch's new multiple takes feature makes it easier than ever to get the perfect recording. Your contacts can now record multiple takes, and choose their favorite to submit.

You can also set a limit on how many takes they can record, making this feature perfect for async interviews. You’ll find a new option to cap retakes when you set up a campaign.

Unlock Ways to Increase Your Video Responses  

If you didn't catch our recent webinar, you can now watch '4 Ways to Increase Your Vouch Video Responses' on-demand. Tune in to learn how to sharpen your pitch, the best channels to use and the secret to nailing follow-ups with query parameters (it's not as intimidating as it seems!). 

Vouch in the Wild: Our Top 5 

We’re constantly inspired by the diverse ways our community uses Vouch to power their sales and marketing workflows. Check out our current favorite activations here

Join the Vouch Community 

We're excited to have so many passionate people helping us build Vouch. We'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations on where to take the product next. To facilitate the conversation, we've created a Slack community - join us to be part of the discussion, get early access to upcoming launches, and be the first to hear about them!

Click here to join.

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Gary Zurnamer

Gary Zurnamer

Co-Founder and CEO of Vouch.

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