How Video Marketing Can Help You Stand Out As a B2B Brand

Lauren Thomas

November 1, 2021



In 2020, 96% of us hit play on more videos than ever before, and social platforms, like Instagram have recently announced that they’re going all-in on video in the months ahead, and they’re not alone. LinkedIn has seen a huge uptick in organic engagement of users’ video content and YouTube has surged to become the world’s second most visited website (second only to Google, naturally).  

It's all about video right now. We're streaming our favourite shows, joining virtual webinars and swimming through Reels and TikToks.

Obviously, we’re a bit biased about this whole video marketing thing. We’ve seen stacks of B2C brands nailing video for years, and think there's a huge opportunity for all of us in the B2B space to deliver incredible results with video marketing.

You know better than anyone how competitive it is out there as a B2B brand. Getting your message across (and making it stick) now needs so much more to achieve the metrics we’re trying to hit.

Here are some stellar video marketing examples that caught our eye to help you add video to your B2B brand’s marketing toolkit.

Where does video marketing fit into the B2B world?

As a B2B brand, you know that winning trust is key to conversion. It’s all about figuring out what drivers, motivators and pain points your customers are facing, and finding clever ways to position your brand as the solution.

That’s where video marketing can step in and do the heavy lifting for you (and your sales team).

Bringing the intangible value to life

For many of us in B2B businesses, what sets us apart from our competitors is intangible. It’s the experience you offer, the ingenuity of your tech and the points of friction your product removes.  It’s that saying, “show, don’t tell”. Video marketing is a brilliant way to show our value to the buyer.

But those benefits can be so hard to get across in written copy or static images.  Nothing really 'says' it the way that you can 'show' it.

Instead, we’ve seen B2B brands break down barriers to purchase with video marketing in really smart ways.

Here’s a great example from one of our own customers, Mentorloop. They’ve got a portfolio of expert coaches and mentors who are core to their product offering. Through short-form, authentic testimonial videos they’ve been able to showcase the value of their mentors and help customers better understand their product offering.

We love this example of Emma Doyle, a performance coach from Tennis Australia, sharing her tips on goal setting in a Vouch on the Mentorloop blog.

Making the complex, simple

Once you’ve won a new customer, there can be a steep learning curve for them through onboarding. We know a lot of B2B brands with complex products struggle with this, and can see a drop off in customer adoption, retention and satisfaction.

By adding video marketing to your onboarding journey, you can help to give new customers the leg up they need to succeed.

We’ve seen this be especially valuable for products that require a habit shift from users. With an onboarding video, your brand can accelerate users through this awkward learning phase and driver faster adoption, too.

Practical ways to use video marketing to your advantage

The thing about video marketing is it can be time consuming to figure out where to start. This is because the way we use video content depends on our product and our customer journey. Where video testimonials, or user feedback requests make sense for one brand may be completely different to another.

We've been tracking the video marketing space for a while now, because it's our beat, and we've seen some great stuff happening in the B2B space. Here are a few of the best examples and tactics we’ve found to show you just how powerful video can be for your marketing efforts, sales team and brand at large.

Boosting EDM click-through rates

Your mailing list is one of your biggest assets as a brand. The issue is that your subscribers probably have an inbox that looks as chaotic as yours (no judgement, we’ve abandoned inbox zero, too).

If you’ve set KPIs for your marketing team to boost click-through rates and results from your email comms, adding video content to your next EDM is a key tactic.

Campaign Monitor has been tracking the impact of this tactic: video content has the power to boost open rates by 19% and lift click-through rates by 65%.

Authentic video content grabs attention, tells a bite-sized story and helps your EDMs stand out among the 120+ emails your subscribers are receiving every day.

Enhancing website performance

Driving traffic to our websites is expensive and all of us in B2B marketing are looking for ways to improve conversion.

Hubspot looked into this and found that 30% of the top landing pages use video content. By embedding a relevant piece of video content that speaks directly to your ideal customer, Hubspot also reports that you can boost conversion by up to 86%.

We’re pretty proud that Hubspot uses Vouch for video content. They’ve been using Vouch to create authentic video testimonials that are more compelling and convincing than their traditional written case studies.

Here’s what Mark, Hubspot’s Sales Lead has to say:

Cutting through the noise on social media

B2C brands are deeply invested in video content on social media - the video capabilities of social platforms and ability to get user generated or influencer-created, authentic content has made it easy to move from static to video.

B2B brands are seeing big success with video, too. From product launches to recruitment drives, video gives B2B brands a way to authentically connect with customers, prospects or potential hires on platforms like LinkedIn.

Generating video for B2B has been expensive and time consuming in the past, but it's been simplified with new technology like Vouch. Collecting, editing, and sharing video content is so much easier today.

One example we really liked recently was from another Vouch customer, Airwallex.

To spark the interest of their 32k+ followers, they’ve used Vouch to create and share authentic video testimonials to their B2B customers through LinkedIn. And with over 1.3k views in just one week, they’ve done a great job of driving deep awareness and production education with this content play.

Driving sales and conversion

Thanks to COVID, we're all masters at delivering incredible work from anywhere, even closing sales and smashing quota.

We’re big fans of the benefits of working remotely. But, trying to make a sale happen virtually can be tough without a face-to-face connection.

We’ve seen some awesome B2B brands use video marketing to bridge this gap and drive conversion. As Hubspot points out, 84% of marketers point to video as being an effective way to generate leads and nearly eight in ten marketers see video as having a direct, positive impact on sales.

There’s a couple of things that are important to take out of this:

- Video offers personalised selling, giving brands and sales teams a tool to deliver nuanced, targeted messages that fit each buyer’s specific needs.

- Video allows teams to add the persuasion impact back into remote selling and build virtual rapport with your customers.

We know that video marketing can feel like a massive investment of time and money. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The barriers stopping B2B brands from creating video marketing is why we created Vouch, a Q&A platform that lets you collect, manage and share short-form video asynchronously and remotely.

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

Be sure to book a Vouch demo today and chat with a video content expert.

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