Add Vouches straight to your Digital Channels
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Add Vouches Straight To Your Digital Channels

Steve Birchall

December 1, 2021



We’ve closed the loop in the Vouch collecting process by making it quick and easy to take your best Vouches and add them to your Digital Channels!

Launching with three unique layouts, Vouch Embeds, allows our Customers to take their best testimonials and share in just a matter of clicks to help drive conversion.

Multiple Embed Formats

Three new unique layouts

Vouch offers three Embed types for all users, Inline, Popover and Jumbo providing you the flexibility around how you wish to include your favourite Testimonial content on your website.

Inline and Jumbo Embeds both provide simple all-inclusive players than can easily be added to a website, whilst the Popover Embed allows you to add a floating Vouch player to the bottom corner of their website, allowing the Testimonial to follow the user as they scroll.

Each Embed type is customisable, allowing you to match the colours and behaviour to best integrate with your Website or other application.

Embed your Vouches in more than just websites

Embed in more places

Each Vouch Embeds offers both a Javascript Embed and an iFrame Embed, meaning not only can you add Testimonials quickly to your brand's website, but you can also include them in any Powerpoint presentations, or pages on Sharepoint, Qwilr and Notion.

You can even add them to your Android or iOS Mobile Applications.

Pick what Questions to Display

Whether you want to show every response, one response or a combination in-between, Vouch Embeds allow you to pick which questions are displayed.

Enable Captions

Vouch Embeds are designed to support Closed Captions in more than 20 different languages. Leveraging the transcription service on the Platform, make it even easier for end users to watch your best testimonials.

Steve Birchall

Steve Birchall

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