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Trim and Transcribe your Vouches

Tidy up your Vouches by adding captions and trimming the ends

Captions & Transcriptions

Make your Vouches more accessible than ever thanks to captions and transcriptions. Vouch’s new transcription service supports more than 20 different languages and feeds directly into the Vouch Player and Embeds.

Every Vouch collected by the Platform will be automatically transcribed, with users then able to tidy up the transcriptions natively within the Platform.

Enable Captions on the Vouch Players or download the Transcriptions and upload with your Testimonials to your chosen player.

Trim the Edges

Tidy up your Vouches by trimming the start and end of your Video Responses quickly and easily with our new Video Editing tools.

Remove any head turns, awkward face or silent moments natively within the Vouch Admin and get your Vouches ready to show the world.

Steven Birchall
2 months ago