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Accelerate Your Business With Vouch For Teams

Our Teams plan allows you to scale your video communication, right from your workflow. We’ve developed the plan to add efficiency, impact and a greater degree of human connection to what you collaborate on. From new hires to strategy, sales to customer insights.

Here’s a run-through of who the Teams plan is designed for and how it can accelerate your business.

Hybrid teams with an emphasis on communication 

Vouch for Teams is designed for organizations who need to work together closely, despite being structured across different teams, geographies or markets. As we developed it, we spoke to enterprises with a multi-national customer base, running each market as a separate P&L, and those who had highly-strategic product, marketing, sales and operations functions, tightly webbed together to deliver a market-leading product. 

One thing was consistent across all the teams: impact and speed to execution rested on rapid and real insights from the market, quick collaboration and feedback, and removing barriers from workflows. Our Teams plan was built on these insights.

Vouch for Teams: an overview 

Our Teams plan is designed for scaling organizations who need separate workspaces for different business functions. Scaled beyond the growing pains of an early business, these organizations are ready to systematize their processes and workflows for maximum efficiency and impact. 

Here’s what Teams includes: 

Seats for the whole team 

This plan has enough seats for everyone in your team, so that everyone who has video embedded in their workflow can use Vouch. This can include Sales, Hiring / People and Culture, Management, Marketing and more. Depending on your org structure, video may be an integral piece of sales, HRIS, martech or internal comms stack. Each seat gives a user the opportunity to create campaigns, including their own questions, cover video, targeting and automated sequences. 

Beyond user seats, the rest of your organization (and general audience) can view and respond to the Vouch video content and requests generated by the core team in your account.

Different workflow, different Space 

Spaces brings structure to your Vouch account, mirroring how your company and projects are organized.  We’ve heard that permissions are important when it comes to recruitment workflows, whereas a tightly organized library of focused customer feedback is key to anyone tracking the voice of the customer. 

We’ve designed Spaces to deliver just that - access-controlled, highly organized spaces for different groups inside (or outside) your organization. Invite your hiring managers, P&C teams and general management to your candidate videos, or keep customer videos separated by market, with workspaces. 

Spaces can have different branding and can also be used for different client or agency groups, if your workflows involve people outside the organization.

They also focus on keeping workstreams separated, but of course, if there’s content that should be shared, like support or demo videos, it can be moved or copied to give access to all.

Deeply integrated

Video is most impactful when it’s accessible right from where you work. It allows teams to seamlessly request, view and share the insights and information they gather without leaving their flow. It also accelerates the next step in a workflow or customer journey when it can be automatically checked off, thanks to video being intelligently connected to the existing tech stack.

With Teams, you can access a host of integrations to suit your organization:

You can see more about Vouch integrations here and find guides to connect them here.

Dedicated support 

We’re big on having experts to hand when it comes to software. That’s why we offer 1:1, dedicated Slack channels for all our Teams customers. We want to help you make the most of Vouch, from when and where you layer in your video requests, to how you compile and share your most impactful stories. 

Security that fits your business

SSO, which supports SAML, ensures your video data is protected by the same security standards as your business uses across the board. You can implement your company’s 2FA or Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) standards. Read more about security at Vouch here

We’re excited to show you around the Teams plan and see what you can do with it. To learn more and try it free, contact us today.

Seeing is believing

Jump in today and see how easy it is to collect video with Vouch.

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